This has been a long and arduous quarter. Teaching 17 contact hours a week when you’re used to 8 is a real killer! So, to give myself a break, I’m accompanying PJ to the conference of the American Literature Association in Boston. We leave tomorrow and return on Saturday. I’m planning on eating well and visiting a couple of museums, along with a few other landmarks, some of which will hopefully be eighteenth-century related.

I’m hoping to return with lots to blog about, especially since next week should be a relatively easy teaching week — only one day of class for the gay lit course (to finish Hard and Transgeneration) and tutorials on mid- to late-eighteenth-century poetry (Gray, Goldsmith, and Cowper), which I am looking forward to. So, I anticipate having more time to blog once this week is over. (Yippee!)

Wednesdays are going to be blogging about music days, so hopefully a pre-written blog will appear tomorrow about what I’m listening to at the moment. Otherwise, I’m off to Boston until the weekend.