Today I went to see my doctor for my annual physical. I think this best sums up how I feel about it:

Not that I look anything like Rusty Joiner or Rupaul, but my doctor was so pleased with my progress this past year that I can’t help but feel great!

First and foremost, my cholesterol has improved. While the overall number is still a little high, my “good” cholesterol has improved significantly–11 points over the past year–so much so that it kind of shocked my doctor. I had to remind him that I’ve been working out pretty hard with my trainer for most of the year, which he said is the reason for the improved number. My “bad” cholesterol has also improved, though not as dramatically. It went down 8 points.

I’ve also been eating much better this year, especially since becoming a vegetarian, but I definitely need to keep an eye on it still. I’m a little too fond of carbs. I’m also a little too prone to fried foods. Even so, I’ve lost 13 pounds since I saw him (and about 15 all together since I started working out, which is the equivalent of 2 pant sizes).

My doctor wants me to keep up the exercise, especially weight training to build more muscle. He said that the muscle will help keep my blood sugar levels under control. (I have “impaired fasting glucose.”) He also suggested that I go from working out about twice a week to at least three times, but we’ll have to see about that. I”m not sure I’m going to have time for that.

So, while I’m not a male supermodel with six-pack abs or a fierce drag queen in stilettos, I’m doing better than I was a year ago. And I feel gorgeous!