The next to last of my annual favorites lists is my favorite songs of 2009. It’s weird to be catching up on a list of favorite songs from last year, since I’ve already started accumulating favorites for this year! But it’s been really busy at work, so better late than never.

1. My favorite song of 2009 was Bishop Allen’s “Dimmer.”

Unfortunately, this is just about the only song I love off of Bishop Allen’s 2009 album, Grrr. But I do love this song’s quirkiness and lyrics. It’s all about feeling like you’re invisible, less worthy than others. It’s a great song, and I started singing along at the top of my lungs whenever it comes on my iPod in my car. I love it!

2. A very close second is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” another song I sing along loudly whenever I hear it.

Not only is it very singable, but “Bad Romance” reminds me of the contradictory impulses that go along with being human. We want opposite things at the same time. We want things that we shouldn’t because we know they’re bad for us.