Telephone by Lady Gaga f. Beyonce Wednesday, Mar 3 2010 

My song of the week this week is Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” Like so many of her songs, this one is infectious. I realized recently that I hadn’t downloaded it onto my iPod. When I did, I couldn’t stop listening to it, and now whenever I’m not thinking about anything else I find the chorus playing over and over again in my head!

This is third or fourth Gaga song that I’ve selected as a song of the week. She’s clearly my favorite artist right now. I’m not sure that nearly 40-year-old gay men are her target audience, but that’s how it goes — artists can’t predict or control who loves their work.

I love the way the song begins relatively quietly and then builds to its dancing climax. She’s a great performance artist and musician, a rare combination, I think. I’m especially reminded how much I lover her music and performance art as I watch the new (and so far dreadful) season of American Idol get underway. Where’s the new Adam Lambert when you need him (or her)?! Say what you will about Lady Gaga, her drive and ambition are relentless. Fortunately, she’s also extremely talented.


Young Victoria: A Review Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

PJ and I recently saw Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt as Victoria. The movie depicts her life just before ascending to the throne and explores her complicated relationships with the people who are all fighting to control her as she prepares to assume her duties as queen. Here’s the trailer:

PJ and I were both a little surprised by the fact that we each liked this film more than we thought we would. What little I had heard about the film made it sound like people were rather underwhelmed by it. But I saw it as a more than capable biography of this woman’s rise to power, one that interestingly explored the difficulties of becoming queen at such a young age.


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