Last week, PJ and I saw the traveling show of Anything Goes, which won three Tony Awards in 2011 for Best Revival of a Musical, Best Actress in a Musical, and Best Choreography. Originally written in 1934 and featuring songs by Cole Porter, the musical’s book was completely rewritten just weeks before its premiere on Broadway (the original plot revolved around a bomb on a cruise ship; when an actual bomb kills more than 100 people, the book was rewritten). The show was revived in 1962, 1987, and 2011, on which the traveling show is based.

Producing a traveling show must be difficult: you’re adapting a big Broadway production by downsizing it and making it possible for smaller regional theaters. But this troupe does an excellent job — this is one of the best touring companies I’ve seen. Emma Stratton does an excellent job as Reno Sweeney, who has a thing for the play’s leading man, Billy Crocker, who is in love with another woman. Reno and Billy decide that they’re better off friends, and she helps him win the hand of his lady love (and gets her own romantic reward in turn). Brian Krinsky plays Billy; he’s great too. Indeed, the entire cast is really good, and the show is a lot of fun.

During the 2011 Tonys, the Broadway cast performed “Anything Goes,” a vibrant tape dancing extravaganza that is wonderfully reproduced by the touring company:

This routine was so iconic that Jonathan Groff reproduced it at Miscast:

But back to the musical, my favorite song from the show is “Easy to Love,” a beautiful love song:

It’s a great show that will be on tour at least through May 2015. I definitely recommend it.