Tom Bull Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 

Yesterday, I blogged about my favorite men of 2012, so I’m excited to find my first potential favorite man of 2013: Tom Bull! One of my favorite blogs, Sissydude, posted a series of photos, gifs, and a video of male model Tom Bull, a scruffily blond hottie, as you can tell from this picture:

Bull is 6’2″ with blonde hair and blue eyes. He also looks good in clothes:

But what really made him stand out was seeing him in action. Sissydude also shared this video:

Who doesn’t like a wet, hot man in nothing but a towel? Add suggestive lighting and a great soundtrack, and you’ve definitely got a hit little video! After a Google search, I found this video, which I think is even better, especially since it’s trying to be a little more artsy:

I love the track by The Presets in this video. I’ll keep an eye on Mr. Bull over the coming year; he might just end up on next year’s list of favorite men!

Favorite Men of 2012 Monday, Apr 15 2013 

Earlier this year, I posted a few of my favorites of 2012  lists: favorite albums, favorite movies, favorite songs. One more that I’ve been meaning to post is a list of the men I started following online in 2012. Some of these have pages on Facebook that I liked. Others have YouTube Channels or Twitter feeds that I follow. And one or two are just men I now Google frequently!

In no particular order, my favorite men of 2012 were:

Andy Murray 

2012 was a breakout year for the Scotsman Andy Murray. He made it to his first Wimbledon final, won the Olympics, and then won his first grand slam tournament at the U.S. Open. I’ve liked Murray for a long time, but I LOVE Rafael Nadal, so I have to agree with tennis commentators who suggest that some of Murray’s success is due to Rafa’s absence. But when you get right down to it, Murray worked hard for his success and deserves all of the victories he scored last year. I just hope he’s able to keep it up and doesn’t fall back down to #4 by the end of summer. Tennis benefits when all four of the top players have a real shot at winning each tournament.

PJ and I got to see Murray play Federer in the semis of the 2009 Southern & Western in Cincinnati. Murray takes some heat from gay viewers, but I think he’s hot! He’s got the best legs in men’s tennis, and he’s competitive with Federer for best chest.

But more importantly than looks, he’s a great competitor on the court, and he’s fun to watch. I really do hope that 2013 brings him a lot of success (except for when he plays Rafa!).


Slice by Marco Castro Thursday, Jan 20 2011 

Lately I’ve had a constant craving for pizza. Any pizza. Pizza from the cafeteria at work. Pizza from our local pizza places (chains or locally owned). Homemade pizza. I can’t seem to get enough.

So, I find this short video by Marco Castro fascinating, partly for the pizza but mostly for the model, Asher Caplan! I first saw it on my new favorite blog, Sissydude, who saw it on another great blog, Homotography:

I love pizza too, but somehow I can’t manage to look this good eating it!

Chad White IS the Hottest Man in the World! Tuesday, Jan 18 2011 

Last May I asked, “Is Chad White the Hottest Man in the World?” This new picture is now making the rounds on several of the blogs I read; I think it definitely answers the question:

Via Photo Gregory Vaughan

I love the longer hair, among other aspects of this photo! I’m glad that this is one question that I can now easily answer!

Celebrating National Man Day Monday, Jun 14 2010 

Today was declared National Man Day by two of my fellow Hoosiers. According to a story I saw on The Huffington Post,

Ninteen-year-old Joel Longanecker of Celestine and his 26-year-old brother Aaron, of Indianapolis, have for months been rallying thousands to their masculine cause on Facebook. More than 260,000 people have pledged to “stand up and do manly things” on Man Day.

I’ve decided that the “manly thing” I want to do to celebrate National Man Day is probably a bit more queer than the originators had intended: I’d like to celebrate some of my favorite hot, manly men!

Hot Manly Tennis

Throughout this year’s clay court tennis season, I’ve been enjoying watching Fernando Verdasco, one of the hottest players on the ATP tour:

Among tennis fans, Verdasco has been recognized for his hotness for a couple of years now, but this year his fame has grown. On the one hand, his tennis has improved over the past year. He was one of the top clay court players this year — so much so that he over-played and ended up costing himself some of his competitive edge when it came to the big tournament, the French Open.


Is Chad White the Hottest Man in the World? Sunday, May 2 2010 

Back in November, I posted a little homage to three of my favorite Brazilian models, Arthur Sales, Rodrigo Calazans, and Edilson Nascimento, all of whom are smoking hot. But today I’d like to make the case for Chad White as the hottest man in the world.

This video, which I first saw on We Love Guys, perfectly sums up the argument for why Chad White is undeniably one of the hottest guys in the world:

There are several things that I particularly like about Chad White.


Another Reason to Visit Brazil: Arthur Sales Friday, Nov 13 2009 

Reading Made in Brazil, one of my favorite blogs, gives me a new reason almost every day to want to visit Brazil. Here’s today’s reason:

Based on this video I have to say that Arthur Sales is a perfect ambassador for Brazilian tourism! (Watching his video for Butch also makes me want to workout!)

Rodrigo Calazans, one of my favorite Brazilian models, was the “face” of Butch in 2009. Here’s a making of video for his campaign:

For much of the past year, a picture from Calazans’ Butch campaign has been my desktop photo on my computer.