PJ and I wanted to see Marie Antoinette this evening, but the sound wasn’t working correctly in the theater, and so everyone was told to come back another time. So, we ended up getting a refund and coming home to watch one of the movies we have from netflix, a German film entitled Summer Storm.

In many ways, this movie is a very typical, paint by numbers high school coming out film, but I thought that it was kind of touching, even if simplistic. It’s about the captain of a Bavarian crew team, named Tobi, who is in love with his best friend. The two go off to summer camp with their team, where Tobi and his teammates interact with another team comprised of gay boys. This of course brings everything out in the open: his teammates’ homophobia, his sexuality, and his unrequited love for his friend.

Tobi’s sexual awakening is rather sweet, but I’m a sucker for coming out movies so I’m probably being a little too easy on it. It’s kind of a combination of Get Real, Nico and Dani, and one scene from Y tu mama tambien, all movies that I really like. The conflicts are resolved a little too quickly and ultimately it doesn’t really do anything new or even very special with its subject matter, but overall I can’t help but like it. Maybe I just wish I had been part of a German crew team when I was 17 or so and had fallen in with another high school team of queer boys!

Here’s the trailer, which is appropriately cheesy: