This is the last of my “favorite of” posts. In honor of the Oscars, I’ve saved my favorite movies of 2006 for today.

I want to start by noting that it’s relatively difficult to see the best movies of the year in Athens. We often get movies well after they’ve shown everywhere else. Many “art films” only play here for a week. And sometimes we don’t get them at all. We still haven’t gotten Letters from Iwo Jima, for example. That’s one of two movies I have yet to see — the other being The Departed — that might make it onto my favorites list once I see them. So, my current list is subject to change. I have a top film of the year and then 4 other favorites in no particular order.

My favorite movie of the year was John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus. My original post about the movie is here. I really loved this film. It’s innovative, socially relevant, and totally engrossing. Mitchell definitely lives up to the promise of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

I also loved Infamous, the second movie in as many years about Truman Capote and the writing of In Cold Blood. I posted about it here. I really liked Capote and thought that it should have won best picture in 2005, but Infamous is an even better film. Toby Jones is wonderful!

The next film in my top 5 was The History Boys. I posted about it here. It’s an excellent look at the English school system in the 1980s, and all of the actors are great. I wish I had seen them in the original London production.

Quinceanera is also on my list. I wrote about it here. I really like its exploration of class and its stylistic realism. It’s probably the simplest of the films on my list — simple in terms of plot — but it makes an important statement about class, ethnicity, and sexuality in L.A.

And finally, I loved The Last King of Scotland. I originally reviewed it here. I wish James McAvoy had gotten more credit for his performance in this film. He and Forrest Whitaker are both excellent.

So, what do I think these movies say about my tastes? I like political films — political in the sense of being about relationships of power in social relationships. Most of the films I like are also gay-themed. And almost all of them feature attractive men! Maybe I’ll get a chance to see Letters from Iwo Jima while I’m in Chicago.