This past weekend, I was watching the Vh1 countdown for a few minutes. I think I saw the top four or five videos of the week. One of them was by a new artist, Paolo Nutini. Here’s the video:

I really liked the song’s tender sadness, and Nutini’s voice reminds me a bit of Ray LaMontagne, another musician that I really like. There are times when I’m really in the mood for male folk music, and Nutini certainly showed the promise of fitting into that groove for me.

I then did a little more research on him. He is a twenty-year-old Scotsman, who released his first major studio album last year. He’s now catching on here in the States. Next, I went to YouTube to see some of his other videos. The first one I came across was his song “New Shoes:”

This one kind of reminded me of early Sheryl Crow — something like “All I Wanna Do.”

By this point I liked his music well enough to purchase it. While I like the two songs above, I’m currently in love with two other tracks: “Rewind” and “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty.” Here’s clips of them:

I’m playing both of these over and over. I’m not sure whether Nutini could be lumped in with the other crop of British singers currently trying to conquer the Billboard charts, Mika, Lilly Allen, and Amy Winehouse, but it does make me wonder if we’re starting to experience a new British invasion. I like all four of them, even though they’re all quite different. Even though I’m quite aware of the fact that I’m not a twenty-year-old heterosexual Scotmans, something about “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” thrills me — it’s now my feel good song that I can’t get out of my head!

In his concerts, Nutini also has some good covers of other popular songs. One is of Winehouse’s current hit, “Rehab:”

He also does a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy:”

I’ll end with a live clip of “Last Request,” the first song I heard by him. These live clips show, I think, just how potentially talented he is at interpreting songs. I certainly hope he has a long career ahead of him.