Today is the first anniversary of my blog. It was one year ago today that I posted my first entry, which was about being evaluated. In rereading that post today, I see that my blog started with a rant! I don’t think there have been too many rants since then — a few — but not many! I think that’s a good thing.

Since I include so many YouTube clips in my blogs, I thought I would intersperse my three favorite clips from the past year throughout this post. Here’s my favorite, which is from The House of Flying Daggers:

So, what has this blog been about this past year? I started it while I was on sabbatical and wanted to use it to keep track of some of my reading and writing while I was on leave. I wanted it to help remind me that I’m accomplishing things even if I wasn’t teaching or producing articles or a book right away.

I find that I haven’t actually written much about my scholarship. I think the reason for that is the impulse to keep my work to myself until I’ve submitted it for publication. I have written about some of the books I’ve reviewed for journals, but that isn’t quite the same thing as posting ideas from my book project or an article that I’m writing.

I have written about my teaching from time to time. I like posting about my classes and what I’m doing in them, because it does help me record some of my ideas as well as help me process some of what’s going on. One lesson I’ve learned this year, however, is to be careful what I write when it comes to my classes. One post apparently “upset” some of my students, who subsequently talked to a colleague of mine about it. She then emailed me to express their complaint (which I think was based on a misunderstanding of what I had written — I put “upset” in quotes because that was my colleague’s description of their reaction, but I don’t really believe that any of them could possibly have been too upset since what I had written was such a minor thing). It certainly isn’t my intention to offend of my students by writing about my classes, and I studiously avoid identifying any individuals or critiquing them in any overt way. Mostly, I write about me — there’s very little room left to write about them! 🙂