I’ve already written about my favorite albums of last year. I’ve always listened to a lot of music, but 2007 was a particularly musical year for me. Throughout the year, I accumulated a group of song that I really love, so I thought that I would share a list of my favorite songs too.

Number 1: I can’t decide what my favorite song of the year would be, so I picked two: Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and “Love is a Losing Game.” These are the best tracks on her hit album, and I think they both illustrate her blend of retro and contemporary music styles quite well. Here’s a live version of “Back to Black:”

Here’s the official video of “Love is a Losing Game”:

I really hope Amy Winehouse is able to pull it together and cut another great album. I think she’ s immensely talented. It would be a shame for that talent to go to waste.

Number 2: Mika’s “Relax, Take it Easy.” This is my favorite straight up pop song of 2007 (no pun intended). It’s just a fun, danceable song. I don’t think I could point to any textual evidence to support this, but I nevertheless think this song is all about coming out and having sex with a man for the first time. Here’s a live version I found on Youtube:

Btw, I love Mika’s hair. If I had hair like that, there’d be no stopping me!

Number 3: Vega4’s “Life is Beautiful.” This is a great, life affirming song. I like that it expresses the same sentiments as a couple of Natalie Merchant’s songs but in a less depressing way! You can see a great live version on Youtube.

Number 4: Feist’s “So Sorry.” This is probably the sweetest song on my list. Here’s a live version:

This is a great song to listen to with a glass of wine in hand.

Number 5: “Foggy Day” by Rufus Wainwright. I first heard his version of this song at his concert in Columbus this past September. I immediately adopted it as one of PJ’s and my songs. Here’s Wainwright singing it in London:

I especially like this song because we stayed in a hotel overlooking the British Museum this past summer. It’s a great standard. (And, yes, Gershwin did write it.)

Number 6: Paulo Nutini’s “Last Request.” I’m not sure why Nutini wasn’t a bigger success here in the states. I like his album a lot and think “Last Request” is a great song. Here’s a live version. I love the soulfulness of his voice. For being so young, he’s really mastered the art of imbuing his lyrics with emotion.

Number 7: “Dark Road” by Annie Lennox. I have to admit that I’ve never been a huge Annie Lennox fan, but I really liked her new album. I think “Dark Road” is the best track on the album. I’m not really sure why I like it. I guess it just seems real — in a metaphorical kind of way!

Incomparable indeed.

Number 8: Anthony Hamilton’s “Do You Feel Me.” It’s a travesty that this song wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. I really liked the movie, American Gangster, and this is a great song in its own right.

Number 9: “If You Want Me” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. While I think Hamilton’s “Do You Feel Me” should have been nominated for an Oscar, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova should win for their great song, “Falling Slowly” from Once. While I like that song a lot, this one is my favorite from the soundtrack. This is the moment in the movie when Irglova sings the song:

I love the movie, and this is one of my favorite moments in the film. I really hope they win Best Song.

Number 10: Amy Lavere’s “Killing Him.” This is a very different song from the rest on my list:

Why didn’t I ever learn to play the bass?! This song is so cool, quirky, and smart. I love it.

I’m not sure what this list says about me. Hopefully, it shows a range of musical tastes — thought I clearly prefer female musicians to men (and pretty much only like queer men at that). Some of the other songs I loved from last year are Pink’s “Who Knew,” Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova’s “Falling Slowly,” Lily Allen’s “Smile,” and Lucinda Williams’s “Everything Has Changed.”