It’s been a week since PJ left for his month-long fellowship in Worcester, Massachusetts. At least in part due to his absence, it’s been a weird week.

PJ left last Saturday morning. I’m a little surprised that I didn’t immediately go into some kind of mild depression. Before he left, I imagined that it would only take a couple of hours before I would be curled up on the floor in the fetal position or something like that. While I definitely miss him, this first week hasn’t been too bad. At times, I’ve even kind of enjoyed having the house to myself.

It probably helped that the first thing I did when he left was indulge my culinary whims. On Sunday, for example, I made gazpacho, which I ate over the next three dinners. I also bought the stuff to make fish or grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the soup. I think eating well for much of this week has helped my metal state.

Another thing I’ve done is watch a couple of dvds from Netflix. Early in the week, I watched was The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, an independent Filipino movie about a 12-year-old gay boy who is torn between loyalty to his family of petty criminals and his desire for a new police officer. Here’s the trailer:

I have to admit, however, that I really didn’t care for this movie. It was well reviewed by other members of Netflix, but I thought it had A LOT of problems, not the least of which was the young actor’s inability to act convincingly. But I’m glad I watched it — usually when PJ’s out of town I just end up watching my favorite movies, which I’ve seen over and over again. (In that vein, I did finish watching The Best Years of Our Lives, one of my all time favorite movies on dvd and saw part of Star Wars: Episode III on Spike.)

I also watched the first dvd of The Lair, a gay vampire series on the Here! network. Here’s a sample:

I think it’s aiming for camp, and it succeeds on that level pretty well. It’s really a soft-core gay version of the movies that used to come on Cinemax late at night when I was a kid. As a vehicle for somewhat hot men making out with each other, it’s worth watching. The acting and writing, however, aren’t really all that great. It’s about on the same level as those other skin flicks.

I’ve also started reading The Jane Austen Book Club and Dror Wahrman’s The Making of the Modern Self. I saw the movie adaptation of the former recently and liked it, so I thought it would be fun to read the book. So far, it is! Wahrman’s book is really important to my research, so reading it is also working on my own writing.

The last part of the week was pretty exciting. Most importantly, my new laptop arrived on Friday. I love it! It’s a Dell. I’ve been thinking about buying a laptop for a while now to help me get more work done. I’ve been imagining that one of the things keeping me from really writing is being tied to my desk. I figure having a laptop will let me work anywhere. Anyway, since I really just want to write on it, I bought a relatively low-end computer — nothing fancy but enough to let me write. The main thing is that it’s a beautiful spring green!

I immediately started rearranging everything on it to my tastes. Today, I even started working on my article again, so maybe it was a good idea to buy it!

One other semi-exciting thing happened late this week. On Thursday, I get a phone call telling me that someone had nominated me to run for a leadership position on our faculty senate. I still haven’t quite decided if I want to do it, but it’s definitely nice to be asked. I know it’s something that most other people don’t really want to do, so it’s not that I’m so fabulous that someone nominated me. It’s more like no one else will do it, so they got far enough done the list to ask me to do it. But it would be an interesting career opportunity if I run and am elected. We’ll see.

These last two events — getting the computer and being nominated — have filled a little of the void left by PJ’s absence. I just haven’t had time to curl up in the fetal position or become too depressed. Besides, I’m off to Worcester later this coming week for a visit. In the meantime, I’ll play with my new computer, do a little work, and ponder my immediate future.