Before PJ got home this weekend, I watched Boys Briefs 3, an anthology of gay short films about guys getting together. Some of the shorts are fairly brief; others are a little longer. Some show a lot of skin; others don’t. Overall, I thought it was a rather weak collection of eight movies, but I did really enjoy two of them.

The first of the two that I really liked is called “Cabalerno,” which also happens to be the first film on the dvd. I found a clip of it on Youtube.

I like that this short has no dialog and yet we totally get what’s going on between the two boys. I also like that these guys aren’t totally buff or obviously hot. Instead, they’re attractively normal. Overall, I think this is a really sweet look at a young guy’s crush that turns out not to be totally unwelcome. It’s a great short film.

The other film that I really liked is called “Portmortem.” It stars Murray Bartlett (the guy on the right) and Daniel Dugan (the guy on the left) as two gay men who reunite to talk about their relationship, which ended a few years before.

I liked several things about this movie.

First off, the two guys are not only hot, but they’re also really cute. Both actors are perfect in their roles. Dugan plays the guy who was dumped years before by Thomas. He’s still smarting from the pain, but he’s also moved on with his life, living with his partner, Raul. Bartlett is the butch guy who dumped his boyfriend as he moved to a new city. Now he’s back and he wants to see how Thomas is doing without him.

Second, I love the music in this film. It’s by Harel Shachal, and I think it should be described as Middle Eastern jazz. It suits the short perfectly. In fact, the director, Eldar Rapaport, started writing the film after hearing some of Shachal’s music. The music and the plot seamlessly tell the story.

And finally, I like that the end of the film leaves what happens next up to the viewer’s imagination. The film’s final scene is somewhat ambiguous, so we have to decide how to interpret it. We can imagine the two former lovers reconcile, or we can imagine that Thomas goes back to his current lover.

The other films in the collection are all fine, but I didn’t really like them as much as I did these two. Some of them were rather disappointing. But I certainly recommend these two films. They’re both excellent.