This video of Donna Brazile speaking recently about race in American politics today. She is simply amazing.

I too want the best. I too want the brightest. I too want somebody to take us where we’ve never been as a country. I agree that we’ve been too stuck in the past, but I’m really hopeful that we can move forward. I hope that the next month is about ideas, about inspiration and strength of character, because if they are then Barack Obama will be our next president.

I can barely imagine how proud and excited I will be if our country does move forward and elects Obama on November 4th. Like most Democrats I know, the more hopeful I get that we’re going to win this election, the more nervous I become that it will all be taken away. We are living in a historical moment. I really hope that we as a nation reach forward and grasp that history. (And I hope that in eight years we elect the first female president — if not Hillary, then some other Democratic woman.) I’m so excited that inside I’m screeching like Howard Dean after the Iowa caucases in 2004!

Let’s go forward!