Last week, I read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, the first novel in her series about star-crossed lovers Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Then, PJ and I went to see the movie last night. Here’s the trailer:

While I can’t say that the novel is a masterpiece or that the movie is the best one I’ve seen this year, I enjoyed both of them more than I thought I would.

Like everyone else, I’ve felt bombarded by Twilight advertisements recently. I had heard about the books for the past couple of years, but I wasn’t particularly interested in reading the novel. That changed after I read the first three Sookie novels by Charlaine Harris. I needed a break from plowing through those novels, and one of my friends mentioned that she was reading Twilight, so I decided to give it a try.

As everyone probably already knows, Twilight follows Bella Swan as she moves to Forks, a small town in Washington. Soon after enrolling in Forks High School, Bella becomes fascinated with the modelesque Edward, who seems to take an instant dislike to her. When Edward suddenly and miraculously saves Bella’s life, her crush becomes a quest to find out just who he really is. A little googling uncovers the truth (as usual): Edward is a vampire. The rest of the novel deals with the consequences of falling in love with the undead.