One of the highlights of PJ’s and my trip to NYC last week was our visit to Ellis Island. We took the subway down to Battery Park and then caught the ferry over to Ellis Island.

On the way over, the ferry docked at Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty stands. If we had wanted to, we could have gotten off the boat, looked around the Island, and then caught the next ferry over to Ellis Island. But we decided to skip the Statue of Liberty and just head on over to Ellis Island.

Since going to Niagara Falls this past summer, I’ve discovered by fondness for ferry and ferry-sized boat travel. The ride around the Statue of Liberty was particularly fun, since the weather was nice and the trip really gives you a pretty close view of the statue.

This is just one of a couple dozen pictures I snapped of the Statue from various angles. This one is my favorite, though, because it gets everything into one picture — the statue, the little people in the foreground, and the beautiful, blue sky.

PJ visited NYC in 1987. Visitors could still go up into the statue’s head/crown back then. You can’t anymore, so we figured it wasn’t really worth a visit. I didn’t realize that there’s also an exhibit about the statue in the base. Maybe that would have lured me into visiting.