This is my new favorite song. It’s by Beach House. The official video can be found here.

My favorite part of the song is the last bit:

Even if I tried so hard
would we still be coming to an end
Even if we spoke the same words
would we still be termed as friends

Even if its simple from the start
we will give the pieces of our hearts
and when there is nothing left to pretend
we will now its coming to an end

Even if we tried so hard
we will give the pieces of our hearts
It’s always good to see you again
even if its come to an end

I like the sound of the song, but these lyrics also really capture for me the sense of loss when a friendship seems to be coming to an end or is so fundamentally changing that it feels like something is coming to an end. Even though something’s ending, it’s still good to see that friend and spend time together now and then.

I’ve subsequently purchased Beach House’s latest album and am listening to it. Maybe I’ll write more about it once I’ve had time to let it settle in.