When she’s not killing things or laying on someone’s lap, Paisley’s favorite things to “do” is stare at her favorite tree, which stands in the backyard just outside our bedroom window. Here she is next to it:

Paisley can spend hours staring at her tree. This afternoon, despite the cold weather, she apparently needed some tree time, so she spent about an hour outside watching it, so I snapped these photos from inside our kitchen window. This is her usual staring pose:

I find this “activity” as fascinating as Paisley finds her tree. I think the tree staring started when our tree was infested with cocoons. Paisley loved watching the larvae wiggling around inside them. That was a couple years ago, so I’ve wondered for some time now why she still stares at it.

While watching her this afternoon, I started to wonder whether birds nest in the tree. After some intense staring, Paisley started creeping around the side of the tree like this:

I didn’t get a picture of them, but it turns out two birds were sitting on the ground on the opposite side of the tree from where Paisley was sitting. She tried to creep up on them, but they flew away before she got close. Maybe she isn’t starting at the tree after all. She does have the bird-catching lust. Maybe that’s what she’s doing while outside — patiently waiting for the day when one of the birds makes a mistake!