[I’m actually writing this on Sunday, May 3rd, because I didn’t have time to write it during the week, but I’m posting it as if it were written on the day I meant to post it.]

This week’s song of the week is Yehonathan’s “Just Another Summer”:

Yehonathan is an Israeli pop singer who happens to be gay (and totally hot!). He’s just now released English-language music in the U.S. “Just Another Summer” premiered on MTV this week. I especially love how out he is and that he’s foregrounding queerness in his videos. The beach shower scene in this video has to be one of the hottest moments ever in a gay video!

I ran across his music a few weeks ago by surfing YouTube. I’m also a big fan of Ivri Lider, another queer Israeli singer, and one link led me to another until I came to Yehonathan’s music, which is mostly dance music.

After I started listening to his music, I joined his fan page on facebook. A couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to have been added as a friend by Yehonathan too. He’s my second gay, Israeli celebrity friend — I’m also facebook friends with director Eytan Fox and his partner Gal Uchovsky.

I’ll post the Hebrew version of “Just Another Summer” after the break.

I love the way the Hebrew sounds. Maybe I should take a Hebrew language class someday!