I’ve been listening to Sam Sparro‘s music off and on for a couple of weeks now. Earlier this week, I finally downloaded the new album, Sam Sparro, from iTunes. “Sam Sparro” is the stage name for Sam Falson, an Australian musician who also happens to be gay. Admittedly, it was knowing that he’s gay that first attracted me to his music — I’ve found that I’m more interested in finding good queer music (or good music by queers) lately. Sam Sparro definitely fits with my current mood.

There were actually a few songs that I considered as song of the week. At first, I really liked “Black & Gold,” which also has a fun video. Then I got into “21st Century Life,” which is also catchy. But my favorite song off the album is definitely “Sick:”

I like this song’s rhythm and sound. It reminds me of good, queer ’80s music. I browsed YouTube to see what videos there were for this track, since Sparro hasn’t made a real video for it yet. I found a couple that I like for one reason or another.