Now that I work in the office from 8(ish) to 5(ish), I often go home for my lunch hour. While I was eating my leftover potato and cauliflower curry yesterday, I turned on Logo’s NewNowNext PopLab to watch a couple of videos while I ate. “Lose You” by Peaches was one of the videos that came on while I was home. I immediately fell in love: 

“Lose You” is not only my song of the week; it’s also in contention for a spot on my year-end list of favorite songs and videos for the year. I love the simplicity of the video, its homemade feel, and the fact that it just keeps visually expanding and expanding. The backup dancers are fabulous. 

When I got back to the office, I downloaded Peaches’s album, I Feel Cream. I love it too. Soon, I’m sure I’ll be getting into her previous music. 

Peaches is an f-ing genius!