Whitney’s back! And to celebrate, I’m listening to “Million Dollar Bill,” the second single off her new album, I Look to You:

I’ve long been a Whitney fan — her voice and talent have long been unparalleled in my book. But I’ve never been the kind of fan who paid any attention to her private life. I’m not particularly interested in her marriage and divorce, her drug use, or anything else about her life off-stage. I don’t even watch the various interviews she’s done with Dianne Sawyer or Oprah Winfrey. I just want to hear her sing.

So, I’m glad that she’s back to doing what I love best: singing. I haven’t downloaded the new album yet; I wasn’t especially impressed by the first single. But this new song is just plain fun — a great pop song that’s fun to sing along with. This is what Whitney should be doing with her career right now, I think.