While, like many people I know, I’m hesitant to indulge the commercial interests of Valentine’s Day, I do think it’s nice to have at least one day a year on which to reflect on the love in my life. I’m eternally grateful for the love I share with PJ and for how much he loves me every day we’re together. We’ve been incredibly lucky. We were able to get academic jobs at the same institution without having to spend too many years apart. We have two great cats who bring us joy. And we share so many interests and experiences that enrich our lives together.

So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day I thought that I would take a few minutes and share five of my favorite love songs, all of which I dedicate to my dear and loving husband.

My absolute favorite love song is John Denver’s “Annie’s Song,” which I would love to have sung at our wedding if we were to ever get married:

It totally sums up how I feel about PJ. I love everything about my life, but what I want most is to give that life to him, to share it with him for as long as possible, since he’s what makes it complete and joyous.

I also really love Johnny Cash’s version of “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” though it doesn’t really describe the first time ever I saw PJ’s face.

I had no idea when I first met PJ that I’d fall in love with him. But I like the romance and idealism of this song. The contrast reminds me that music isn’t always as truthful about love as it claims to be!

Another great love song is Jill Scott’s “The Way.” I especially love the live version of this song, so I’m delighted to have found a video of it on YouTube:

One of the first songs that I felt applied to my burgeoning feelings for PJ was Alanis Morissette’s “Head over Feet”:

It still seems to sum up what I feel.

And last but far from least there’s the great diva herself, Tina Turner, and “The Best”:

Whenever I hear these songs on my iPod I’m reminded of how much I love PJ and our life together. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!