I thought I’d take a short break from writing about my recent trip to Europe to catch up another favorites of 2009 list: my favorite albums.

I think I purchased more albums — both CDs and online from iTunes — this year than in the past. Even so, it’s been difficult to list ten albums that I really think were worthy of being on my top ten list. After a few months of listening to them all again, however, I’ve identified ten that I think were the ones I liked the most from 2009.

Number 1: Hold Time by M. Ward

I originally purchased this album for PJ. I knew that he liked She & Him, so I thought he might like to have this album too. I think I ended up liking it more than he did. I love it. It’s definitely my favorite album of 2009. I guess what I like most about it is its folk-pop groove. It’s just a really cool album.

Here’ are my four favorite tracks from the album:

The last track on the album is an instrumental version of “I’m a Fool to Want You,” which is amazingly great.

Number 2: The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga

I’m not totally sure that this counts as an album since it’s an EP. Either way, it’s one of my favorites of the year, a very close second to Hold Time. First there was “Bad Romance,” which is simply one of the catchiest songs and greatest videos ever:

Then there was the live version of “Speechless:”

Then came the hot mess that is the “Telephone” video:

Say whatever you want about Lady Gaga, but you can’t deny that she’s giving it everything she’s got. I think she’s utterly brilliant. I can’t wait for the video for “Monster,” my favorite track on the album.

Number 3: For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert

I loved Adam Lambert on American Idol last year, so I bought his album as soon as it came out. I was relieved to find that I loved it. It’s musically interesting, and Adam can really sing. I just wish the videos for his songs were as interesting as those by Lady Gaga!

“Whataya Want from Me” is my favorite track on the album:

And it’s a lovely video that works perfectly with the song. Much better than “For Your Entertainment,” I think.

Number 4: The Boy Who Knew Too Much by Mika

I liked Mika’s first album.This one is even better, I think. It’s everything you’d expect of Mika — bright, shiny, and gayer than gay.

I really love the video for “We Are Golden:”

My favorite track is “I See You:”

I also really like “Rain.”

Number 5: Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful by Paloma Faith

This album hasn’t actually come out in the U.S. yet, but I had a friend pick it up for me in England while he was there over the Christmas holiday. I already loved “New York:”

I’m a sucker for British pop princesses. Add Paloma Faith to the list. Here’s the video for the title track:

I also like “Upside Down:”

Here’s a little sample of her live:

Number 6: Union by Boxer Rebellion

I’m probably much too old to like this album but I do anyway. My favorite track is “Evacuate,” which someone just resonates with me on some visceral level:

Another favorite is “Misplaced:”

And finally, I also love “The Gospel of Goro Adachi:”

Number 7: Sunny Side Up by Paolo Nutini

I liked Nutini’s first album. This one is really different from that one. It’s more of a folk album. I like it a lot. The lead single was “Candy,” which is catchy:

But my two favorite tracks are “Coming Up Easy:”

And “Growing Up Beside You”:

Number 8: In Living Color by Jay Brannan

This covers album is the kind of thing I think more artists should do — pick some songs that you really admire and make them your own. He covers “The Freshmen”:

“Say It’s Possible” is my favorite track on the album:

And “Zombie” is interesting as an acoustic song:

Number 9: The Bridge by Melanie Fiona

This is my favorite R&B album from 2009. It marks the arrival of a major talent. I really love “Give It to Me Right”:

I also love “Monday Morning.” Here’s a great live version:

Number 10: The Power of Two by Cheyenne Jackson and Michael Feinstein

OK, just when you thought my list of favorite albums couldn’t get gayer, I pick this album of standard duets by two gay men! But Jackson’s version of “A Foggy Day,” one of my favorite songs of all time, alone is worth buying the album for. Plus there are other great tracks, like his version of “Old Devil Moon” from Finian’s Rainbow:

There’s also Jackson’s duet with Feinstein on “We Kiss in a Shadow” from The King & I. Their same-sex duet makes this beautiful song of yearning and hidden desire, which I happened to have loved as a closeted gay youth, into a beautiful queer anthem.

So that’s my list. Yet again I predominantly like gays and Brits. But what can I say? I am who I am and I like what I like.