Back in November, I posted a little homage to three of my favorite Brazilian models, Arthur Sales, Rodrigo Calazans, and Edilson Nascimento, all of whom are smoking hot. But today I’d like to make the case for Chad White as the hottest man in the world.

This video, which I first saw on We Love Guys, perfectly sums up the argument for why Chad White is undeniably one of the hottest guys in the world:

There are several things that I particularly like about Chad White.

First, he’s muscular and “manly” without being too beefy. He never seems overly shaved or prettied up. And he isn’t adverse to a little nudity every now and then:

Photo: Arnaldo Anaya Luca

He also looks good in clothes:

And he has a great smile and looks smolderingly hot in glasses:

Male models are one of my favorite subjects. I routinely check out various sites devoted to them, try to keep up on all my favorites’ major photo shoots, and vote regularly in the game Model Survivor. If, as Rochester wrote, all the world’s a “gaudy, gilded stage,” then male models are the “youths” I want to watch perform there! So, from time to time I might start paying tribute to my favorite men. I think Rochester would approve!

Oh, and by the way, the correct answer is, “Yes!”