After an incredibly busy two months, which put me way behind on blogging, I finally have a few minutes to finish my best-of posts for 2009! I’ve already listed my favorite movies, albums, and singles/tracks from 2009. Now I’ll list my favorite videos.

2009 was definitely the year of Lady Gaga. She became a full-fledged video artist, especially with her videos for “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance,” my favorite videos of the year:

These songs are both great pop/dance songs, and the videos are, in my opinion, the best of the year. With “Paparazzi,” Gaga established herself as an artist who wants to tell stories with her videos, and with “Bad Romance” she took another step towards visual artistry. No one else is as interesting as Gaga at the moment.

Number two on my list is “Just Another Summer” by Yehonathan:

I love that this video is so sexy. I think it’s pretty unique: gay men depicted as hot, sexy, and passionate without it just being trashy (not that there’s anything wrong with  being trashy!). I love it!

Lose You” by Peaches my third favorite video of 2009:

I tend to like videos that look (or actually are) homemade (as you’ll see from some of my other choices this year). “Lose You” is my favorite in this category. And I love it’s bisexual theme and the general campiness of its ever expanding visuals. And the dancers are hilariously wonderful!

Number four is “We Are Golden” by Mika, which is kind of faux-homemade:

Really what this video comes down to for me is that I think Mika is totally hot. So, a video of him in nothing but shorts is enough for me to love it!

End of the World” by Matt Alber would be higher than number five on my list except that I count off for the shaving part — Alber is way hotter with the scruffiness!

Apart from that one drawback, I love this video for its beautiful romanticism, which is also kind of unique among gay music videos. The barber opening the curtain to let in the glorious light, the dip, and the romantic kiss all make this video wonderful.

Number six is “She Loves Everybody” by Chester French:

Chester French’s album wasn’t as much of a hit as they clearly thought it was going to be, but I immediately fell in love with this video. The lead singer is cute, and who can resist a woman beating up a straight guy?

Dimmer” by Bishop Allen was my favorite song of the year, and the video is number seven on list:

Like “Lose You,” it belongs in the homemade category. I also love the use of projections in the video.

Number eight is “Mykonos” by Fleet Foxes:

This song just makes me happy, and the video is a visual representation of that happiness for me.

Rave On” by M Ward is number nine on my list:

I like the animation and its cubist leanings.

Last on my top ten list is “Wet Like Sweat” by Naked Highway:

Again, it belongs in the homemade category. I like its sense of fun, of friends getting drunk and making a video in the bathtub.

So, those are my top ten videos (even though there are actually eleven) of 2009. Hopefully, I’ll do this year’s list in a more timely fashion next year!