True Blood season 3 started on Sunday with a great episode. I didn’t really care for the Maryann story line of season 2, so I’m glad that we’re moving on now. I thought the episode had a good balance between continuing with the aftermath of the second season while moving the plot lines forward in new directions.

Of course the best part of the episode was the sequence between Sam and Bill:

This has to be the hottest scene in television history! And even though PJ immediately said that this had to be someone’s dream, I liked the way it started off realistically — the part where Sam has to invite Bill into the hotel room, for example.

I also loved Bill’s line, “I’ll take what I can get.” Since Bill’s eyes are leering into Sam’s as he says this, it definitely felt like a come-on. The next line, a simple, sexy, “Nice,” makes it even more explicitly sexual and sets up Bill’s invitation and what is surely the best line in the episode, “I hear the water in Arkansas is very hard.” All in all, a very sexy, homoerotic scene.

In fact, the whole episode featured a lot of appeal for its gay male audience members. In addition to the shower scene, we also got to see Eric’s ass, slightly hairy chest, and a really nice shot of Jason’s:

This last picture is from the scene in which Jason, played by Ryan Kwanten, is suffering the consequences of conscience: he can’t get an erection so that he can follow Andy Bellefleur’s advice, “Conscience off, dick on.” I like how Jason’s character has evolved over time. By this point in the story,  he’s no longer just a man-whore looking for his next lay (though he’s still as hot as ever!).

Another great scene was when Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgård, tells Sookie that he’s been having sex with his new dancer for six hours — no woman would want to be pounded like that for that long, so I assume he’s exaggerating to impress her. When replies that Bill never goes that long, he humorously pities Bill’s lack of stamina. It’s a great moment in their flirtation with one another.

I can’t wait for Alcide to appear. I like his character in novels, and the early pictures of him–he’s played by Joe Manganiello (pictured here)–look hot! I guess I would assume a werewolf would be hairier when he’s in human form, but Manganiello is smokin’ regardless. Since Alan Ball regularly departs from the plot of the books — he often just uses them for inspiration — I look forward to seeing what he does with Alcide. He and Sookie become briefly involved in one of the novels. Hopefully, he’ll get the same cinematic treatment as Eric and Jason in the first episode!

I’m going to miss the next two episodes, since PJ and I will be in England. I’ll, of course, catch up as soon as we get back.