Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck” has been on YouTube for a couple of months now. It was definitely the queer song of the summer!

In general, I enjoy Cazwell’s provocatively queer sexual imagery. This video is less lyrically sexually explicit and a little more explicit in its imagery than some of his past videos/singles. But I think it’s catchy and fun! It’s also definitely easy on the eyes.

I also love this remix–makes me want to dance!

If I ever teach my Lesbian and Gay lit class again, I’ll include Cazwell on the syllabus again. Last time, I taught his “All Over Your Face” (along with songs from a couple of other contemporary, young queer artists) in order to talk about contemporary queer culture and sexuality.

Here’s “All Over Your Face”:

His work’s explicitness definitely keeps that discussion interesting! His collaborations with MTF transsexuals also makes his work interesting. Like “All Over Your Face,” “Do You Want to Break Up” is typical of this:

His single “Tonight” is a little different in tone from his other songs, but I like it too:

He kind of reminds me of John Wilmot, earl of Rochester, one of the seventeenth-century libertine writers I study and teach a lot.