Over the weekend, PJ and I went to see The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg as professional boxer Micky Ward. The film traces his rise to a welterweight title after overcoming a professional decline caused in part by his reliance on his half-brother and drug-addicted trainer, Dicky Eklund. Here’s the trailer:

I didn’t know anything about this true story before seeing the movie, and I think that helped – -I at least could imagine various outcomes. But basically, The Fighter is a genre pic that adheres pretty closely to its genre–think a modern-day Rocky: boxer gets shafted by poor management and training and has to make good on his dream of winning a title by dumping his family and going it alone. There’s nothing new here cinematically speaking, but  it’s an enjoyable film nevertheless because the actors are so good.

Mark Wahlberg is solid as Micky. He’s a charismatic, engaging actor. There’s something about him that makes you instantly like his character, to root for him to win.