Since I’ve covered albums and singles/tracks, the last of my annual music-related favorites list for 2010 is my favorite videos of the year. As usual, I’ll list the videos and explain briefly what I like about them. I’ll conclude with some thoughts about what this list seems to suggest about me.

My favorite video of 2010 is Brandon Flowers‘ “Crossfire”:

This is the first time that my favorite song of the year is also my favorite video, but the song itself is part of what I love about this video. I also love its Charlize Theron as ninja storyline — I love kick-ass women! I also love Flowers’ smile every time she shows up to rescue him. Together, these elements are an interesting spin on the more traditional damsel in distress. I also love when she puts her arm around him at the end as a sign of comfort. This reversal of traditional gender roles is bloody brilliant. And it doesn’t hurt that I think Flowers is one of the hottest men in the world.

The second video on my list is Maroon 5‘s “Give a Little More” :

I’m always a little worried about laying this video on my computer — Adam Levine‘s sexiness is so incendiary that I’m concerned that my computer is going to catch on fire! He’s dripping sex in this video like I’ve never seen before. I’ll give him a little more if she won’t!

I also admire Levine’s increasingly vocal support for GLBT rights and other social issues, including prostate and testicular cancer. This campaign definitely caught my eye:

Number three is Sam Sparro‘s “Pink Cloud”:

The fact that there’s no lyrics to this track puts more pressure on the video to be interesting, and I think Sparro rises to the occasion. It’s a very playful, sexy, stylish, and kind of creepy video that adds to the dance track without taking anything away from it. I can imagine this playing in a gay bar and everyone enjoying it.

Perfume Genius‘s “Look Out, Look Out” is number four on my list:

One of the ways people have described Perfume Genius’s music is that it reminds them of Twin Peaks. This video captures that feeling visually. This music is relatively stripped down and simple; a more visually complex video might have overwhelmed the song. This video perfectly captures the moodiness of the song as well as its “Songs of Innocence and Experience” feeling.

“Dignity” by New Politics is my number five favorite video of 2010:

I like this video’s story and the way that the visual story reflects the lyrics’ story: while adults have drunk the Kool Aid eaten the ice cream, youth can see through the lies. And I love the kids chasing the ice cream salesman at the end!

Keeping with the ice cream theme, my number six video is Cazwell‘s “Ice Cream Truck”:

If New Politics’ ice cream is bad for you, Cazwell’s definitely looks more appetizing! Ice cream as sexual metaphor isn’t really new, but the video is fun and sexy and I defy any one to resist Cazwell’s catchy lyrics. Or the go-go boys in their underwear!

Number seven on my list is Vampire Weekend‘s “Giving Up the Gun”:

When I first saw this video, I immediately thought that it would turn out to be my favorite video of the year. It’s fun, the song is catchy, and I love tennis. So, I’m surprised that it’s only number seven on this list. I assume it needs a little more sex appeal to place higher in my favorites. Even so, it’s a great video!

Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is number eight on my list:

I’m not a big Katy Perry fan, but I love this video. I love the Glee version of this song the best, but Perry’s video is hot. Or, I guess I should say, Josh Kloss is hot, and he’s what I love about this video. He’s smokin’! I tend to like my men gayer than this, but Kloss’s butch sexiness–even when he’s in a more classically feminine pose, as in this picture–is undeniably hot:

If more of Perry’s videos featured scruffy men instead of women as sex objects maybe I’d like them all!

Number nine on my list is Scissor Sisters‘ “Any Which Way”:

Jake Shears is as hot as any other guy in any of the other videos on my list, but what I like most about this video is that it’s as playful as the song’s lyrics. There’s a kind of amateurishness, for lack of a better word, to it that I enjoy.

The final video on my 2010 favorites list is “Rhythm of Love” by the Plain White T’s:

I tend to like the Plain White T’s when they’re being quietly earnest in their songs. This video perfectly reflects this romanticism. The song reminds me of seventeenth-century lyric poetry that attempts to seduce women by reminding them that we’ll all be gone tomorrow so we should enjoy tonight. If I had heard it earlier in the year, it probably would have been high on my favorite songs list too.

So, what do these videos say about me? This is the first time that no female musicians have appeared on my list, which is kind of troubling. They are among my favorite albums and songs, though. Also, I see that having a hit man front and center in a video seems to appeal to me. Just when I thought I couldn’t be gayer, I prove myself wrong again!