Alt Nation has been playing the song “Changing” by The Airborne Toxic Event a lot lately. I like that song, so I thought that I would check them out and see if I liked their most recent album, All At Once. After giving the samples a listen on iTunes and watching a few of their videos on YouTube, I decided to download the album.

It’s a really good album, and once I started listening to it I fell in love with several of their songs. My favorite right now is “The Graveyard Near the House,” which is an amazing love song. Here’s a video for it from YouTube (the Bombastic videos are a series of acoustic vids — they’re all amazing versions of the songs):

It’s kind of tongue in cheek and macabre in parts, but I love this song’s view of life, love, and death. PJ and I are old enough now that these kinds of conversations happen from time to time. Much of this song sums up everything I want to say to him. I think it’s a beautiful song.