PJ and I recently saw the new Muppets movie starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and the Muppets. Here’s the trailer:

The plot of the movie is pretty simple: it’s been years since the Muppets were hot, so they have each gone their separate ways to have careers of their own. Some are barely making it — like Fozzie Bear, who stars in a knock-off group, The Moopets — while others are wildly successful in their new careers — like Gonzo, who runs a plumber supply shop. When Walter, a new character, and his fellow Muppet fans Gary and Mary (Segel and Adams) arrive in Hollywood to tour the Muppet Studios only to discover that evil oil baron Chris Cooper is planning to demolish the Muppet Theater and drill for oil, they reunite the Muppets for a big televised benefit to safe the theater.

Overall, The Muppets is fun and enjoyable. I thought the early plot points took a little too long to unfold — I would have liked more of the telethon scenes — but the songs are good, and it’s simply fun to see the Muppets on-screen again. I wish they would return to TV. Disney should restart The Muppet Show! People my age would love it!

Undoubtedly, the two best songs are “Man or Muppet” and the incomparable “Forget You”:

I couldn’t stop laughing during “Forget You,” which I think parodies modern pop music — you can replace the entire lyric with chicken sounds and not really change anything!