Yesterday, I blogged about my favorite men of 2012, so I’m excited to find my first potential favorite man of 2013: Tom Bull! One of my favorite blogs, Sissydude, posted a series of photos, gifs, and a video of male model Tom Bull, a scruffily blond hottie, as you can tell from this picture:

Bull is 6’2″ with blonde hair and blue eyes. He also looks good in clothes:

But what really made him stand out was seeing him in action. Sissydude also shared this video:

Who doesn’t like a wet, hot man in nothing but a towel? Add suggestive lighting and a great soundtrack, and you’ve definitely got a hit little video! After a Google search, I found this video, which I think is even better, especially since it’s trying to be a little more artsy:

I love the track by The Presets in this video. I’ll keep an eye on Mr. Bull over the coming year; he might just end up on next year’s list of favorite men!