2013 was the year of the cover song. Several of the singles and individual tracks that I liked were covers. So, I decided to separate them out and have a list of my favorite covers from the year.

1. “Annie’s Song” by Brett Dennen and Milow 

John Denver was one of my all-time favorite singer songwriters, and this cover of my favorite of his songs is beautiful. It’s from a John Denver tribute album. Two more of the tracks from this album will be on this list.

2. “Wrecking Ball” by Eli Lieb 

This cover of Miley Cyrus’s hit is as — if not more — beautiful as the original. And I wish I had hair like him!

3. “Against All Odds” by Glee 

So many performers on American Idol have butchered this song over the years that it’s great to hear someone sing it like he actually understands what the lyrics are about. And Darren Criss can do almost no wrong musically.

4. “Set Fire to the Rain” by Father Tiger 

The video of Father Tiger performing this Adele song has been out for a couple of years, but they finally released it on an EP. I love them and I love this synth version of her hit.

5. “This Old Guitar” by Lucinda Williams 

As much as I love John Denver I had never heard this song before. I love Lucinda Williams, and I think she should add this to her concerts. She does it even better than the original, if that’s possible!

6. “I’m Wandering'” by Kristina Train 

I first heard this track in a commercial and immediately fell in love with it. It’s very haunting. I subsequently looked up other versions of this song, include Aretha Franklin’s. It’s interesting how a great song can be done so many different ways!

7. “If I Were a Boy” by Glee 

Another great cover from Glee. It’s a beautiful message that really does something new with the song by putting it in a different context rather than doing violence to it musically. It’s an amazing performance of yearning, regret, and loneliness in this context.

8. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Scott Matthew

Matthew really slows this song down, which might not work for everyone, but I love it. And the video is sexy!

9. “Top of the World” by Jay Brannan 

I love almost everything Brannan does, and this cover of a great Patty Griffin song is the best of the tracks off his 2013 covers album.

10. “All of My Memories” by Kathleen Edwards 

Another of the covers from the John Denver tribute album. This is also one that I hadn’t heard before, so I’m in love with the song even more than I’m in love with it being a John Denver song.