I haven’t had a chance to review some of the movies PJ and I have seen lately, so I thought I might catch up by composing quick reviews of them.

There Will Be Blood

Last weekend we saw There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day-Lewis as a prospector turned oil magnate in early twentieth-century California. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this movie is amazing — it definitely lives up to its critical acclaim. Day-Lewis is a powerhouse as the increasingly vindictive and malevolent Daniel Plainview, a man of raw grit who is committed to succeeding at all costs. In the movie’s opening section, we see him injured in an accidental cave-in while prospecting in a hole in the ground. Despite his broken leg, he manages to recover a hunk of silver and literally scoot his way across the desert and back to the nearest place to sell the precious metal. Here’s the trailer:

When one of his workers dies in an oil drilling accident, Plainview adopts the man’s son as his own, using him to swindle families out of their rightful share of oil profits by casting himself as a widowed family man. When his “son” is later injured, we see both Plainview’s seeming love for the boy but also the limits of that love.

Plainview’s antagonist throughout much of the film is a local evangelical preacher, played by Paul Dano, who really should have also been nominated for an Academy Award. He’s excellent in this part, especially in the film’s climactic ending, a confrontation scene between him and Plainview.