I didn’t watch last night’s Democratic debate. I have to admit that I’m ready for the primary season to be over and to get on with the election. My friend James called after the debate and asked if I had seen Hillary’s final statement, which he liked very much. Since I hadn’t, I looked for it online this morning. Even the liberal blogs that I read are abuzz about it.

In many ways I think this speech demonstrates how Senator Clinton should have run her campaign all along. From day one, the campaign should have been about the American people and nothing else. While I still intend to cast my vote for Hillary in the March 4th primary, I think Senator Obama will likely win enough support in Texas and Ohio to end Hillary’s campaign and to win the nomination, politically if not numerically.

I’ll admit that I’ve been wavering a bit in my Clinton support lately. I haven’t liked some aspects of her campaign and I had hoped she would make a better case for herself. So, why am I voting for her? Two reasons immediately come to mind.