In our tour of mumblecore movies, PJ and I are now watching films by Andrew Bujalski, who was also one of the actors in Joe Swanberg’s Hannah Takes the Stairs. Bujalski’s first movie was Funny Ha Ha (2002); the second was Mutual Appreciation (2005). I really enjoyed both films.

Here’s the trailer for Funny Ha Ha:

Funny Ha Ha stars Kate Dollenmayer as Marnie, a recent college graduate who hasn’t quite made the transition from undergraduate to post-undergraduate yet. She’s in love with an unattainable guy, Alex, played by Christian Rudder. Her friends, Rachel and Dave, played by Jennifer L. Schaper and Myles Paige, try to offer her advice (and some perhaps very unproductive distraction), but there’s only so much they can do. Bujalski plays Mitchell, a guy Marnie meets at one of her temp jobs. Mitchell has a crush on Marnie and even tries to get her to like him, but for Marnie he’s definitely no Alex.


Marnie (Kate Dollenmayer)

Like other movies in this genre, however, the plot, such as is it, is mostly beside the point. Instead, the movie is really about dialog and character. Maybe it’s actually more accurate to say that it’s really just about character — the dialog and everything that happens is really in service of introducing us to these characters.