Last week, PJ and I watched Boy’s Life 6, a dvd of four short gay films: “Bugcrush,” “Doorman,” “Davy & Stu,” and “Heartland.” All four of the films have something to recommend them, but the best–by far– is the first, “Bugcrush.”

“Bugcrush” is about a high school kid named Ben, played by Josh Caras (pictured here), who immediately becomes fascinated with the new, mysterious guy at school, Grant, played by Donald Cumming. When Grant invites Ben over to his house one evening, the mysterious becomes increasingly suspenseful and terrifying.

This 37-minute short film was directed by Carter Smith and is based on a short story by Scott Treleaven. I really like what he does with this movie. As the film progresses, the video and audio sometimes become non-synchronous. In other works, you hear what’s happening before you see it. This really adds to the suspense. Ultimately, this is an unsettling movie, but it’s really well done.

You can watch “Bugcrush” on Logo Online. I highly recommend it. The film also has a really great website. It’s worth a visit too.

“Doorman” features Jamil Mena as the doorman of a New York apartment building. He becomes sexually involved with one of the residents. The 17-minute film does a fairly good job in telling their story — you certainly know what’s happening and when — but it doesn’t do anything particularly innovative or even very interesting with the material. Mena is likable, though, as Diego.

Davy & Stu” is a Scottish film about two young men who rendezvous in their local bog. While this description makes the film sound a little stupid, it’s actually quite heart-warming and covers a lot of ground about closeted love, young romance, and local folklore, especially since it’s only 13 minutes long. I really liked it.

And finally, “Heartland” is about a guy named H.G., played by Corey Sorenson, who returns to his family’s farm to help his alcoholic father run the place. While working the farm, H.G. gets to know the local heartthrob, Ryan, played by Lachlan Nieboer and begins to reevaluate whether he belongs in the city or in the country. It too is a nice little film.

Overall, this collection is fairly good. “Bugcrush” is amazingly good, and two of the other films are sweet and enjoyable. While “Doorman” isn’t bad, I thought it was the least successful of the four films included in this anthology.