One of the highlights of PJ’s and my trip to Boston last week was our visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. Because of our upcoming trip to Italy, we especially wanted to see the museum’s special exhibit on Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese, to get a head start on thinking about how to look at all the Italian art we’re going to be seeing in museums there.  The three painters in this exhibit were rivals in Venice during the sixteenth century, and this exhibit compares their work, allowing the viewers to decide which is more to his or her taste. It’s a great exhibition.

As I often do, I bought the exhibit catalog, which is a great discussion of the exhibit. One set of paintings the book compares is a group of portraits by these three masters.

Here’s Titian’s Doge Francesco Venier:

One of the things to notice about Titian’s work is his mastery of drapery and clothing. He also fills the canvas with images in the background.