Earlier this week, PJ and I watched Baghead on DVD. Baghead is about four unemployed (and unsuccessful) actors who, after seeing an underground director’s sub-par work, decide that they can write and star in their own movie with at least as much success as the bad director seems to be enjoying. To write the movie, they decide to go out to a remote cabin in the woods and do nothing else over a weekend. Here’s the trailer:

The only thing I had heard (from PJ) about the film before seeing it was that it was a mumblecore movie, a genre that I really like. I’ve previously blogged about two movies by Andrew Buljalski and three movies by Joe Swanberg.

Calling this movie “mumblecore,” however, doesn’t quite turn out to be true, but it’s certainly a good starting point for understanding how the film establishes certain generic expectations and then purposefully abandons those expectations.