Just when you thought Mika couldn’t get any gayer, he comes out with a video featuring him in nothing by white short shorts and various colors of glittering hightops (and lights shining out of his fingers and crotch). His new single is “We Are Golden,” a would-be generational anthem that would work well as the theme song for twinks at next year’s Pride Parades, is the first single off his new album. The embedding is disabled for this video on YouTube, so click here to see it. 

I love Mika’s first album, so I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the new one. I also think Mika is hot — he could be incendiary when he gets a little older — so I’m perfectly happy that he’s showing some skin in this video.

But mostly I like his creative energy and enthusiasm. His videos are always visually interesting, even when they cross over into total camp mess. “We Are Golden” really works, I think. Its motif of the boy singing along to his favorite song alone in his bedroom and using his imagination to express his relation to the music is a great concept. (And a totally gay one!) 

His album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, comes out September 22.