This week’s song of the week is Paolo Nutini’s “Growing Up Beside You.” Here’s a great live version I found on YouTube:

This song is off Nutini’s new album, Sunny Side Up. It’s not the first single — yet again I prefer a different track on the album than the one that’s been released as a single/video, which is “Candy,” which is also a catchy song.

I haven’t listened to this album enough yet to decide what I think about it overall, but I love Nutini’s voice and its rock/folk quality. So many of today’s “artists” can’t sing live (does that make me sound like an old crank?!); Nutini is even better live than recorded, I think. Sometimes his producers drain some of the uniqueness from his voice, I think, to make him sound more mainstream. It’s his difference that attracts me to his music.

He’s definitely a musician I want to continue to hear from.