This past weekend, PJ and I went to the PawPaw Festival here in Athens. When the weather is good (like this year), it’s a great opportunity to be outside, see friends, drink some pawpaw beer, and listen to live music. This year, you could actually walk around with your beer rather than stay in the beer garden, pictured here, which made the event much more fun.

The “beer garden” is usually surrounded by an orange plastic fence. It looks less crowded here because lots of people got a beer and then walked around the rest of the festival, which includes lots of tents featuring various local products.

While we sat on a bale of hay while drinking another beer, the band that was playing, local band Broken Ring, performed Kasey Chambers’s “Pony.” While listening to them sing, I was struck by how much I like this song. Even so, I currently have no Kasey Chambers music on my iPod–even though PJ has several of her cd’s. I’ll have to fix that soon!

Here’s a video of Kasey Chambers singing “Pony” live:

I’ll post the lyrics after the break.

When I grow up I want a pony
I’m gonna ride her from dust til dawn
I’m gonna brush her mane
And feed her sugar cane
And keep her in safe from the storm
If I had a pony
I wonder could I be your girl

When I grow up I want a baby
I’m gonna name it after Ralph Stanley
And I sure won’t mind if it cries all night
Just as long as it looks like me

If I had a baby
I wonder could I be your girl

Yodelay he yodeloh oh
You rock my world
Yodelay he yodeloh
When I grow up I wanna be your girl

When I grow up I want a cowboy
With dust all over his jeans
With a horse named Jack
And a ten-gallon hat
He is nice but looks so mean

If you were a cowboy
I wonder could I be your girl

When I grow up I’ll be a lady
All my rings will be made of gold
I’ll put flowers in my room
I’ll wear perfume

I won’t listen to rock n roll
If I was a lady
I wonder could I be your girl.