On Sunday I posted my annual list of favorite songs/tracks of the previous year. Today I’ll list my favorite music videos of 2012. Be warned: my taste in videos tends towards the really, really gay!

1. At the top of my list is Father Tiger’s Christmas themed video, “On Christmas Day”:

I love the hipster, bearish Santa Claus, the good will message, and the modern take on Christmas. And the song is great — I would have listed it among my top ten songs of the year but I somewhat arbitrarily decided I didn’t want to include a Christmas song in that list. I’m really looking forward to this duo’s releases this year.

2. Number 2 on my list is Pink’s “Try,” a video that beautifully uses dance as a metaphor for the ups and downs of a relationship:

This video reportedly made Pink’s mother uncomfortable, but I think it’s a beautiful video as long as one takes it as metaphor rather than as a romanticizing of domestic violence. This is another song that could easily have been on my top 25 list but just didn’t quite make it. And Colt Prattes is hot!

3. Next up is Mika’s video for “Origin of Love,” one of my favorites songs of the year:

I love how ambitious this video is. It’s like a mini-movie rather than just a music video — as one reviewer put it, it’s cinematic. And Jorge Arecheta is hot — male hotness is a frequent theme in my favorite videos!