Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been listening to a series of gay and lesbian musicians. Back in November, I started listening to Cazwell. I loved the queerness of his record so much that it made me want to seek our other gay artists and get a greater sense of what’s going on in gay and lesbian music.

I immediately found two sources to begin exploring: Youtube and Logo. Logo’s series “New Now Next” and online site “The Click List” is a great source for finding gay and lesbian music videos. One of the musicians I first saw on Logo was Adam Joseph. Initially, I didn’t care much for his video, “Flow with My Soul:”

I’m not totally sure why I wasn’t into it at first, but I think it might have had something to do with the video’s attempts at some sort of urban street look. It just seemed a little too posed for me. But then I came across another video by Joseph, “Faggoty Attention:”

I have to say that I immediately loved this video’s blatant sexuality, its queerness. This has to be the queerest video I’ve ever seen. I love it! It’s so cheeky and fun. I like that it’s playing off of the straight male fantasy/fear of gay men coming onto them while playing off the gay male fantasy of seducing the hot straight guy. Plus the lyrics are just hilarious. This is now the song that I walk around singing in my head all day long!

“Faggoty Attention” also led me to reconsider “Flow with My Soul.” Once I started listening to that song more closely, I started to like it a lot too. I now like it too.

While surfing the net for info on Joseph, I stumbled across an album anthology of other queer musicians, Music with a Twist: Revolutions. It had “Flow with My Soul” on it, so I decided to buy it. I’ve really started to like some of the artists on it too. Here’s a sampling:

My favorite right now is Kristen Price‘s “Magic Tree:”

I also like Ivry Lider‘s “Jesse:”

Ultimately, this song is really sad, since it’s about a guy who loves Jesse and then Danny, neither of whom love him back. I quickly found some of Lider’s other videos as well. He had contributed a song to the movie Yossi and Jagger, which I didn’t really care for as a film. But I liked his contribution. Here it is in the original language and then in English:

I also really like Jonathan Mendolsohn‘s “Forgiveness,” but that song doesn’t seem to have a video yet. It’s on his myspace page though. His vocal on this track is my favorite one to listen to at the moment. He’s like a really talented Blake Lewis.

Another video that I like from Logo is Telling on Trixie’s “Halfway Back to Sane:”

How can you not like a video that has Jade in it?!

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out the Logo webpage. If I fall in love with more gay artists, I’ll post about them too sometime.