Tonight PJ and I watched Jonah Markowitz’s 2007 film Shelter, a movie about Zach, a young guy who has given up his dream of going to art school to help his sister raise her son, Cody. While hanging out with his best friend’s older brother, Shaun, Zach discovers that he’s attracted to Shaun and the two begin “seeing” one another. Ultimately, Zach has to decide whether to come out and how to deal with his sister’s inability to raise Cody. Here’s the trailer:

I love this movie. Apparently, I love movies about gay skateboarders/graffiti artists! First there was The Graffiti Artist. Then there was ‚ÄúCabalerno” from Boys Briefs 3. And now there’s Shelter. What I like about this movie is its pacing. It doesn’t try to squeeze too much into one film. Instead, it focuses on just a few central themes and then slowly, carefully unfolds its story.