A couple of weeks ago, I started watching Young American Bodies, an internet series about a group of Chicago friends, their lives and loves. I wrote about it here. This “episodic web series” is produced and directed by Joe Swanberg and Kris Williams. I love the series, so PJ and I started watching Swanberg’s films.

The first one we watched was also his first feature, Kissing on the Mouth (2005). Here’s a ten-minute preview I found on YouTube:

This actually gives a rather lengthy taste of the film without giving away all of the best bits or too much plot, such as there is.

The movie is about another group of friends in Chicago. In this case, Ellen, played by Kate Winterich, has started sleeping with her ex-boyfriend again, much to her friends’ displeasure. Foremost among these is her roommate Patrick, played by Swanberg. The ex, played by Kevin Pittman, wants to be more than Ellen’s secret sex partner; he wants a relationship. In the meantime, Patrick is keeping a secret of his own, which irritates Ellen, who has nothing better to do than snoop through his things until she finds out what he’s up to.