Earlier this week, I was reading Towleroad.com and saw Grace Jones’s new video for “Corporate Cannibal,” the first single off her new album, which is due out later this year. Here’s the video:

I’ve written about my love for Grace Jones before. But to recap: I think she’s a brilliant performance artist who happens to use music as her primary medium. While her music is rarely appropriate for mainstream radio, it is nevertheless really good as music sometimes, but it’s always great performance art.

This new video is no exception. I like the electronica groove, and the visuals are really creative and interesting. I also think that the lyrics are more relevant than most songs currently on the radio. If this is any indication of where her album is going, I think it could be great. I’m really looking forward to hearing it. It could be brilliant or it could be a crazy disaster. Either way, it promises to be interesting.

(I could do without the growling at the end, though. That seems a little cheesy to me!)