I’ve been meaning to blog about the music I’ve been listening to this summer. I’ve put it off long enough that I’ve got about a week’s worth of posts to write, so I decided to make this music week. I’ll try to write about one album each day.

Today’s album is Duffy‘s Rockferry. I only started listening to it a week ago — PJ and I heard “Mercy” on the radio as we were driving back from Canada and then I got it from iTunes as soon as we got home — but I already love this album!

Duffy is part of the new British invasion of neo-soul singers. She’s often compared to Amy Winehouse, but her music actually sounds very different from Winehouse’s. First off, I love just about everything British — I’m totally the stereotypical American Anglophile. Second, I love this neo-soul movement — Winehouse, Adele, Paulo Nutini. Everything becomes new again, and this music is hot!

Here’s a sample, “Stepping Stone,” one of my favorite tracks from the album:

Duffy is a 24-year-old singer from Wales. She sounds like a modernized version of Dusty Springfield, but according to wikipedia she dislikes the comparison. Nevertheless, I think the comparison is apt.