Earlier this month I composed a series of posts about the music I’ve been listening to this summer. I still have a few albums to go. One of my favorites has been Jason Mraz‘s new album, We Sing We Dance We Steal Things.(Btw, check out his webpage at www.jasonmraz.com — it’s great too!)

I really liked his first album, 2002’s Waiting for My Rocket to Come, but I have to admit that I never paid any attention to his sophomore effort, Mr. A-Z, which came out in 2005. Sometime around the time We Sing We Dance We Steal Things came out, however, Mraz garnered a lot of attention on some of the gay blogs that I read due to the following picture:

Apparently, Mraz posted this picture on his myspace page as part of a discussion of vegetarianism (or something like that — I didn’t see the original posting; I just followed it on the blogs). I’ve always thought that he was really hot, so let’s just say that this picture got my attention and alerted me to the fact that he had an album coming out.

Shortly after seeing the picture, I saw the video for the new album’s lead-off single, “I’m Yours,” on Vh1: